iPad Customer Support Number

The iPad is Apple’s version of tablets, and being an Apple product, sophistication and advanced functionalities are packed in by default. Well if you’re caught in one such technicality or for any other reason need some iPad help, you’re at the right place.

We will discuss some of the most common iPad problems throughout this piece, and aim at providing the easiest possible solutions to them.

iPad Customer Care Number

But as we will be covering only a fragment of the possible problems, we will also be walking you through the exact steps on how to get official iPad help from the Apple team!

1. How to Turn on “Find my iPad”

One of the very first things most logical minds would wish to do once they’ve got their hands on an iPad is they’d want to turn on the “Find my iPad” feature.

It’s an advanced GPS locator which grants you the access to your iPad’s location anytime using iCloud.

To turn it on, go to Settings > Your device name > iCloud> Find my phone.

ipad customer care

Just turn it on and you’re done.

2. Bypass the Passcode of your iPad

The second most common reason why people seek iPad help is the case of forgotten Passcodes or Locked devices.

If you enter a wrong passcode six times in a row, the iPad security measures kick in and lock your device.

Beware that resetting your passcode manually, regardless of the process you use will format your device completely, and you’ll lose all your data unless and until you previously backed up your device to iCloud or iTunes.

Anyway here’s how to bypass the code on your iPad:-

Head over to this link > Sign in with your Apple ID > Select the locked device > Click on “Erase.”

Done! Now if you’ve got a backup you can restore your device backup, if not you’ll have to settle for using it as a new device.

How to Contact iPad Help

In case bypassing your device didn’t solve your problem, and you need to get in touch with the Apple team directly, here’s how to get it done.

Head over to the official Apple support page and click on iPad.

iPad Support Number

On the next page, choose the topic/section which is most relevant to your problem.

iPad Helpline NumberAnd then you’re redirected to a page which lists all the possible options using which you can get in touch with the official iPad help team!

Note that these options change based on your problem and device, so make sure you’ve chosen the most appropriate option describing your problem for best support.

Anyway just click on any option which suits you best.
iPad service center number

Done! An Apple iPad help support team representative would get in touch with you via the option you chose.

Final words

Every single query sent through the official contact form is taken seriously, every scheduled call gets answered, every E-mail gets a reply and so on.

So just makes you’ve combed through all the options (online forums, wikis, etc.). Regarding your problem with sending them a mail or scheduling a call with petty issues.

Do let us know if you’re still confused and we would help you out.